Core project staff

Professor Paul Vickers (Northumbria University) — Principal Investigator

Paul Vickers is Professor of Computer Science & Sonification in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. His research focus is data sonification with current interests in sonification aesthetics and how this affects sonification listening and perception. Between 2004–2012, 2015–2018 he served as an elected member of the board of the International Community for Auditory Display ( In 2019 he chaired ICAD 2019 – The 25th International Conference on Auditory Display at Northumbria University and he co-chaired ICAD 2021.

Marcin Pietruszewski (Northumbria University) — Research Fellow

Marcin Pietruszewski is a composer and researcher. He is engaged in sound synthesis and composition with computers, exploring specific formal developments in the tradition of electroacoustic music and contemporary sound art, as well as extra-musical domains of auditory design, computational linguistics and psychoacoustics. He works across performance, multimedia installation and radio productions probing the dynamics between formalism of synthetic sound and its material realisation.

Dr Bennett Hogg (Newcastle University) — Co-Investigator

Dr Tim Shaw (Newcastle University) — Co-Investigator

Professor John Bowers (Queens University, Belfast) — Co-Investigator

Dr Jorge Boehringer (Newcastle University) — Research Associate

Jorge Boehringer is an experimental artist and composer. He presents circumstances of sound, visual media, objects, and text that engage temporality and frame the emergence and morphology of form and pattern. His works situate themselves between process and perception, and he is particularly interested in embodied interaction, feedback, chance, and complexity. Jorge composes music of density and texture for ensembles of all sizes, and for himself as solo performer. He creates installations using speakers, mechanical devices, and broadcast technology to present decentralized situations of sound in space, environments for listener-led exploration. He is also, and always, an improviser.

Associate Staff

Dr Joe Newbold (Northumbria University)